The Pros & Cons of an Electric Scooter

The Pros & Cons of an Electric Scooter

Transport is an essential for modern living but navigating the roads and public transport is becoming increasingly difficult. Whether it’s congestion and long queues or delays and crowded trains, it’s not much fun getting around.

But if you’re considering getting one yourself, what should you weigh up? Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of an electric scooter.

What Are The Advantages Of An Electric Scooter?

If you’re wondering “is an electric scooter worth buying?” these advantages might help you to make up your mind:


Running a car or buying a season ticket for public transport is expensive, but an e-scooter is very affordable. There’s a great range of models available at various price points so it’s very accessible to everyone. Our Electric Commuter Scooter is the ideal e-scooter for those on a budget, check it out here.

Once you’ve purchased the electric scooter, you can recharge it at your home or office, so there’s no need to buy expensive fuel, making them a top choice for future transport modes in an increasingly electric-focused world.

Affordable to both purchase and run, electric scooters are an economical choice for everyone.

Easy to use

You don’t need to learn any complicated riding manoeuvres to be able to use a scooter. Kick off, press the throttle and steer in the direction you want to go - it’s very simple!

The standing position for riding means that it’s also easy to use while wearing a skirt or a dress; no awkward clambering on and off the saddle while trying to preserve your dignity!


The climate is an area of critical importance right now, and by switching to an electric scooter you can help the planet. There are no CO2 emissions and no noise pollution either, making it an extremely eco-friendly option.

Easy to charge

You’ll need to charge your e-scooter between each use as the range is usually no more than 35-45 miles.

The good news is that you can simply plug it in at home to recharge the battery in just a few hours. This is not just cost-effective but also simple - you could even recharge while your scooter is under your desk at work!

Low maintenance

All bikes, scooters and vehicles need basic maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition, but the good news is that electric scooters are very easy to look after.

Keeping it in the right ambient temperature for optimum battery life, wiping the frame down and checking tyres/brakes are the main things that need to be done when caring for your scooter. You can always check out our EnviroRides Services here.


With a foldable frame, electric scooters are ideally suited to commuting as there are many designs which are light enough to be easily carried around. Conversely, there are also e-scooters which are great for leisure activities and have the ability to go off-road. The versatility is one of the things that makes e-scooters so attractive.


While all of the other advantages of e-scooters are practical, the best about them is that they’re fun! Do you remember how great it was scooting down the park as a child? This is even better - and it’s perfect for adult fun.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Electric Scooter?

The above list of advantages show why e-scooters are such a hit but you should also ask yourself “why are electric scooters bad?” There are some disadvantages which should be taken into account when you’re considering electric scooter pros and cons.


As mentioned above, the range of an electric scooter is typically 35-45 miles. This is plenty for most people to get to and from work but doesn’t provide a lot of wiggle room. It also means that you’ll need to charge your scooter before the next use - which brings us onto the next issue.

Charging time

It is very easy to charge up an e-scooter but you will need to allow several hours for it to be fully charged for use. There are some e-scooters which can be charged in as little as 3-6 hours but the majority take 6-8 hours which is a significant chunk of time if you’re waiting to hit the road!


The biggest problem for e-scooters is that they can’t legally be used in public spaces at the moment. However, there is a government review and a pilot scheme using rental e-scooters in more than 32 regions of the country has received positive feedback. 

Electric scooters offer an alternative way of quickly travelling between places while bypassing all of the usual problems. In recent months they have rocketed in popularity with a pilot scheme around the UK proving to be a huge success. There are lots of great pros to consider when purchasing an electric scooter, and if you are able to see past the cons then it is most definitely a great investment for yourself and the planet.