One of the best features about electric scooters is that they require little maintenance. However, there are a few things that will help keep your eScooter on the road and running smoothly.

Our electric scooter maintenance page below focuses on the key components on your eScooter and how best to maintain them, take a closer look for more info.


At EnviroRides, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your eScooter, therefore it's vital that you do regular maintenance and checks. Parts such as wheels and tyres, brakes, motors and folding joints, see the tabs below for more information.


The battery on your electric scooter is probably the most important part. All of our eScooters feature lithium-ion batteries which are high performance, low weight and physically much smaller than comparable lead-acid batteries of the past. Advances in battery technology mean that modern mobile batteries are able to provide better efficiency and longer lasting power than ever before. All batteries, however, have a life-cycle and when you notice a decreased ability to provide lasting charges, this means your battery’s life is coming to an end.

Most Lithium-Ion Batteries have a lifecycle of 500-1000 charge cycles. A charge cycle involves taking the battery from 100%-0%-100% full. Keeping it topped up reduces the number of full cycles. ​

We highly recommend using only the charger that was supplied with the eScooter, or an official replacement. Electric scooter batteries can be different in size and type, therefore, using chargers from other eScooters, older chargers or other types of charger may lead to overcharging, undercharging and improper charging This could then lead to lasting damage to your eScooter such as fires.


Electric scooters have different braking systems, such as cable brakes or hydraulic braking systems, so the best advice is to consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on maintaining the braking system, or better still contact our EnviroRides Technical Team at With all high performance eScooters, the brake pads will wear, so make sure these are regularly assessed and replaced when needed.


Brushless motors which are used in our complete range of eScooters have less maintenance in general, but dust, dirt and water/moisture can still accumulate inside the motor. We strongly advise the regular use of a PTFE Lubricant Spray to help disperse any build up of rust, dust or dirt.

If this is not done regularly then you may find that damage is caused to the internal motor /wheel bearings which may then need replacing. For more information on this, contact our EnviroRides Technical Team at


Your eScooter will either have an inflatable inner tube tyre or a tubless tyre. Most eScooter tyres need to be changed after one year or, roughly, 800-1000 km depending on use. Unlike a car tyre, which can last for 50,000 km or more, eScooter tyres are not as durably in comparison to a cars tyre due to their size and thickness.

When a tyres tread begins to get low, the safety of your eScooter is compromised and the risk of injury is increased due to the loss of grip, especially in wet conditions. You will also find that the likelihood of a puncture is dramatically increased due to the lack of rubber (thickness) on the tyre.

To prolong the life of your tyres, always pump your tyres to the eScooters tyre specifications listed on the side of the tyre. Ensure you regularly check your tyre pressure, as this may change during use and temperature changes.


Taking care of your eScooters suspension is an important part of regular maintenance. Depending on the type of suspension system your eScooter uses, you may need to periodically check the tightness of bolts and screws, lubricate moving parts, and replace worn or damaged components.

If you notice that your eScooters suspension system is making strange noises or that eScooter feels less effective at absorbing bumps and shocks, it may be time to inspect and/or replace some components. For more information on this, contact our EnviroRides Technical Team at

Folding joints

Folding joints aren’t rigid connections and may become loose over time. These can be adjusted using simple household tools or tools included with the eScooter. The manual supplied in the box will have instructions on how to tighten these fittings


Our experienced Technical Team are here to help keep you on the move. Whether it's sorting that puncture, or servicing those brakes, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Our Worldwide exclusivity for the use of Dunlop Bearings in all our eScooter motors means you're getting the very best with no compromise.