If you have one of our electric bikes, then you'll want to know how best to take care of it. Our eBikes are super user-friendly, however there are a few key components on an eBike that will require regular maintenance.

This page aims to focus on those key components on your eBike and how best to maintain them, take a closer look for more info.


At EnviroRides, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your eBike, therefore it's vital that you do regular maintenance and checks. Parts such as wheels and tyres, brakes and chains, see the tabs below for more information.


The battery on your electric bike is probably the most important part. All of our eBikes feature lithium-ion batteries which are high performance, low weight and physically much smaller than comparable lead-acid batteries of the past. Advances in battery technology mean that modern mobile batteries are able to provide better efficiency and longer lasting power than ever before. All batteries, however, have a life-cycle and when you notice a decreased ability to provide lasting charges, this means your battery’s life is coming to an end.

Most lithium-ion batteries have a lifecycle of 500-1000 charge cycles. A charge cycle involves taking the battery from 100%-0%-100% full. Keeping it topped up reduces the number of full cycles. ​

We highly recommend using only the charger that was supplied with the eBike, or an official replacement. Electric bike batteries can be different in size and type, therefore, using chargers from other eBikes, older chargers or other types of charger may lead to overcharging, undercharging and improper charging This could then lead to lasting damage to your eBike such as fires.


Electric bikes have different braking systems, such as cable brakes, rim brakes or hydraulic braking systems, so the best advice is to consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on maintaining the braking system, or better still contact our EnviroRides Technical Team at services@envirorides.co.uk. With all high performance eBikes, the brake pads will wear, so make sure these are regularly assessed and replaced when needed.


Your eBike will be fitted with an inflatable inner tube and tyre Most electric bike tyres need to be changed after one year or, roughly, 1500-3500 km depending on use. Unlike a car tyre, which can last for 50,000 km or more, eBike tyres are not as durably in comparison to a cars tyre due to their size and thickness.

When a tyres tread begins to get low, the safety of your eBike is compromised and the risk of injury is increased due to the loss of grip, especially in wet conditions. You will also find that the likelihood of a puncture is dramatically increased due to the lack of rubber (thickness) on the tyre.

To prolong the life of your tyres, always pump your tyres to the eBikes tyre specifications listed on the side of the tyre. Ensure you regularly check your tyre pressure, as this may change during use and temperature changes.

Suspension & Forks

A eBikes suspension system includes a mechanical coil or an air spring (front suspensions can be either, while rear suspensions are usually coil-based). This mechanism absorbs the kinetic energy from the bike wheels when they make impact with the ground, for example, after riding over a bump or making a jump.

If you notice that your eBikes suspension system is making strange noises or that eBike feels less effective at absorbing bumps and shocks, it may be time to inspect and/or replace some components. For more information on this, contact our EnviroRides Technical Team at services@envirorides.co.uk.


The chain is an essential part of any electric bike. Maintain your chain, and it will give you miles of pleasant riding. Keeping it clean and lubricated is essential to the longevity and proper functioning of the drivetrain of your eBike. In fact, a clean and well-lubricated eBike chain will last a lot longer than its dirty and non-lubricated counterpart.

Regular maintenance of your eBike chain will also increase the longevity of all the parts that come into contact with it. This will save you money in the long run. A clean chain also makes for a smoother and quieter ride, because dirty chains are noisy and can make gear changes feel and seem clunky.

When it comes to properly cleaning your eBike chain, using a chain brush is the most effective way to do it. You can use the brush to sweep the dirt and debris off of the chain. But be sure to brush in both directions around the circumference of the chain. Then you'll be able to keep your bike running smoothly and prolong its life. Once clean, don't forget to add some chain lubricant for a seamless ride.


The crankset, which includes all the parts between the two pedals, is the bike's transmission, so to speak. It takes the energy from your legs and puts it to use by powering the pedals, the chain and finally, the rear wheel.

Check your crankarms and chainrings to make sure they're in good physical condition. Look for cracks, dents or other signs of damage and check the crankarms for "play."

To check for play, grab either crankarm (not the pedal) and try to rock it back and forth perpendicular to your frame. Any movement may suggest that the bearings need to be adjusted, are damaged, or that the crank bolts are loose.

Inspect your crankset to make sure it's clean. Dirt and grime quickly build up and may affect your bike's performance. Since most modern crankset systems contain sealed bearings, you don't need to lube the area or regrease the bearings. Simply wash the bike after each ride. However, be sure not to spray water directly at the bearing area. Also, never use a power sprayer.


Given that their job is to shunt a greasy bike chain up and down the cassette or chainrings, your derailleurs have a tough old life. To make matters worse, they exist directly in the firing line of spray coming off the wheels, so it’s no surprise they have a tendency to get gunked up.
That’s why it’s good practice to give them the occasional scrub and lube. Keeping yours clean and moving freely will extend their service life and help ensure you never miss a shift.

It's best to firstly spray down the derailleur on your eBike with a degreaser spray. Then use a brush to help remove any stubborn dirt hat has accumulated on the inside of the cages of both the front and rear derailleurs. Once clean, simply add some chain lubricant around both jokey wheel and you're all good to go.


At EnviroRides we offer a fantastic ranges of Services and Repairs for eScooters and eBikes purchased directly from us. If you'd like one of our highly experienced technician to look at helping you get the most from your eScooter or eBike then feel free to complete a Servicing and Repair Process Form.