At EnviroRides, we’re so confident in all our eScooters and eBikes that we offer a free warranty, subject to model.

Electric Commuter and Electric Carry Commuter Scooter comes with 6 months free warranty, and our G2 Pro Electric Scooter includes a free one-year warranty.

All eBikes come with 6 months warranty.

We’ll happily repair/replace any and all faults/faulty parts not caused by wear and tear within the first 30 days of receiving your eScooter or eBike. This includes sending the replacement parts to be fitted by yourself, collecting your order so that parts can be fitted at our EnviroRides Depot or an exchange to be carried out. This also includes the cost of collection and redelivery should your order need to be returned.

After the first 30-day period, the warranty will switch to our manufacture's warranty, which covers the following components.

  • Frame
  • Battery
  • Controller Unit or Units
  • Motors

Any components not listed above fall into our wear and tear category and will therefore not be covered under warranty.

See our EnviroRides Full Warranty Information for details.

How does our warranty policy work?

Our EnviroRides Manufactures Warranty Policy is very straight forward. We will either dispatch the required replacement parts so that you can fit the part yourselves, or alternatively we’ll arrange to collect your order and carry out the repairs at our EnviroRides Depot. Please note, EnviroRides does not cover the cost of replacement packaging if the original packaging has been disposed of, we also do not cover the return shipping for your eScooter or eBike. After the first 12 months both collection and redelivery fee apply, please see our Warranty Information Sheet for further information.

For EnviroRides to arrange collection, we require two batches of photos or a short video. The first batch must highlight your eScooters or eBikes current condition, as well as any damage which it has currently sustained, this is to ensure the fault has not been caused by misuse of your eScooter or eBike. The second batch must highlight how the eScooter or eBike has been repackaged. This is to ensure the eScooter or eBike has been repackaged correctly and is safe for dispatch.

EnviroRides hold no liability for any damage sustained to your eScooter or eBike during transit due to poor packaging, the customer is solely reasonable for packaging the eScooter or eBike securely so that it is safe to handle for all those involved.

(Please use WeTransfer for all files exceeding 35mb)

If your eScooter or eBike has been arranged for collection then either EnviroRides or our couriers will provide you with a label for shipping and our trusted couriers will collect your eScooter or eBike, and a receipt will be provided at the time of collection (depending on couriers used). Once your eScooter or eBike has arrived at our EnviroRides Depot, our Customer Service Team will email you to inform you that it's arrived, then, our experienced Technical Team will carry out the necessary repairs within 3-10 working days. If our Technical Team assess that the eScooter or eBike can not be repaired, an exchange will be issued providing this meets our terms.

Once the required repairs/exchange have been carried out, our Technical Team will issue an EnviroRides Technical Report on your eScooter or eBike which will highlight what the issue was, how the issue was solved and how the issue can be avoided in the future. They’ll also provide you with a custom invoice for required shipping fees. Once the invoice has been paid, you’ll receive an email with the tracking information for your return.

EnviroRides hold no liability for any damage sustained to your eScooter or eBike during transit due to poor packaging, the customer is solely responsible for packaging the eScooter or eBike securely so that it is safe to handle for all those involved.

Please see below an example of a poorly packaged return, packages such as these will not be covered by EnviroRides.

What’s not covered under warranty?

  • Normal wear and tear or vulnerable components which includes wheels, tyres, all braking components, handlebar attachments, lights, horns, all cosmetic damage, and battery lifespan.
  • If any of the components have been altered, or modified by someone other than the manufacturer. 
  • If the warranty or serial label is removed or altered.
  • Damage caused by misuse or abuse such as (but not limited to) dropping, collisions, jumps, grinding, heavy shaking, abrasion, severed wires or incorrect storage.
  • Water damage. Most of our products are water-resistant/dust resistant. However, none of our eScooters and eBikes are waterproof.
  • Damage caused by loading product above the maximum load.
  • Return shipping fee

Need to process a warranty?

We’re really sorry to hear that you’re experiencing an issue with your EnviroRide. To process a warranty, see our simple Warranty Process Form and follow the step-by-step process. If you require any information during this process, please contact our EnviroRides Customer Service Team at help@envirorides.co.uk. Please note, you will need to complete the EnviroRides Warranty Process Form yourself, this is due to the fact our EnviroRides Technical Team will require information on your issue/fault.

Need some more help?

If you experience an issue with your product that is not a manufacturing defect/fault or is outside the warranty period, we offer a number of professional services with our experienced Technical Team. Please see our Servicing and Repairs page for more information.