At EnviroRides we're always looking to innovative and improve our already fantastic range of eScooters. We understand how important your EnviroRide is to you and the need to keep it safe.

That's why we've introduced one of the World's first integrated Worldwide tracking system designed to run directly with your eScooter.

EVR Pro Off Road Electric Scooter | [EnviroRides]


No longer do you need to rely on poor and obvious tracking systems, which often require them to be close to specific devices to operate. Working with our partners who have been designing and implementing tracking system in the car industry for over 20 years, we've designed a tracker that works directly off your eScooter to add a level of security not seen in the eScooter industry until now.


Our new state of the art integrated tracking system is super simple to use, see the tabs below for more information.

Which models have the integrated tracking system?

The Worldwide Tracking System is available on our G2 Pro, P1+, V1+, R1+ and EVR Pro Electric Scooters.

How does the tracking system work?

The Worldwide Tracking System is directly connected to the eScootres battery. This means that as long as the eScooter is charged, and you've inserted a 4G SIM that has data, your tracking system will be live and recording. The Worldwide Tracking System only requires very minimal power, therefore you won't need to worry about it draining your eScooters battery, however, we do still recommend following our steps provided in the eScooters user manual on how best to get the most out of your battery.

How can a tracking system help me?

Thievery in the eScooter and eBike community is an ever-worrying threat. With the integration of our Worldwide Tracking System you can get the pinpoint location for where your eScooter is being held and provide this to the authorities to help recover.

What information does the tracking system record?

Our integrated tracking system will log your eScooters location up to 1 meter. It will also store where the eScooter has been, so you can access your app and see the exact routes eScooter took and the speeds that it did.

How do I set the tracking system up?

Setting up the Worldwide Tracking System is very simple. Simply add an unblocked 4G SIM to the tracking system and turn the device on. Once the SIM has been inserted, text the following to the SIM's unique contact number separately.

GMNET,, 10041#



You will then need to allow 5–10 minutes for the GPS system to triangulate. Once successful, you will receive a response stating Exec Success along with your tracking systems details. Your tracking system will then be active. See our Tracking User Manual for more information.


Our experienced Technical Team are here to help keep you on the move. Whether it's sorting that puncture, or servicing those brakes, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Our Worldwide exclusivity for the use of Dunlop Bearings in all our eScooter motors means you're getting the very best with no compromise.