How To Care For Your Electric Scooter

How To Care For Your Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are a fantastic investment, and if properly looked after, they can provide lots of fun for a long time. But no matter how careful you are with your scooter, they all need a little TLC now and then.

By carrying out routine maintenance on your electric scooter you can help to prevent any serious problems. This will help your scooter to last longer, and keep it running smoothly day after day.

The good news is that e-scooter care is easy, and it only takes occasional maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition.

Are Electric Scooters Easy To Maintain?

Electric scooter maintenance is an essential part of being an e-scooter owner, but it’s simple enough for anyone to be able to manage. There are some maintenance tasks which need to be carried out more frequently than others, but all can be managed easily at home with just a few basic tools.

We’re going to look in more detail at each individual element of electric scooter maintenance, but general e-scooter care is also important.

Cleaning your electric scooter may seem unimportant, but it can help to keep all of the parts in good working order. Use a damp cloth to wipe over the mechanical parts of your scooter occasionally to prevent the build-up of dirt. Avoid using a bucket of water as it could damage the electric components if splashed.

For the same reason, you should avoid riding your electric scooter in the rain, through puddles or on muddy, wet grass. Cold and wet conditions can affect the performance of your scooter, and can contribute to degradation.

Storing your electric scooter is also important. Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures should be avoided; both hot and cold conditions can damage the battery and parts. If it’s possible, consider storing your scooter indoors for maximum protection.

Step-By-Step Guide To Electric Scooter Maintenance

E-scooter care isn’t difficult if it’s carried out regularly. Routine maintenance will ensure that your electric scooter is always performing at its best, and will help it to last much longer.

These are the elements that should form part of your e-scooter maintenance schedule:


The battery is one of the most vital parts of an e-scooter and if you don’t take care of it properly, it won’t last as long as it should.

Some simple tips to help protect your battery include:

  • Unplug your battery when it’s fully charged
  • Store in the right temperature (cool but not cold)
  • Use the original chargers which have been designed for your specific battery’s voltage
  • Never let your battery completely run down
  • Give it a full charge before first use
  • Allow your e-scooter to cool down after a ride before recharging
  • If your battery does run out completely, get it recharged as quickly as you can (this prevents damaging internal oxidation)
  • Avoid riding in wet conditions and keep your battery dry at all times

Poor tyre pressure will completely ruin your riding experience so you’ll need to regularly check the condition of the tyres.

It’s important not to have the pressure either too low or too high; check the manufacturer’s manual to make sure your pressure is correct. Some of the problems which can be caused by incorrect tyre pressure include:

  • Damaged rims
  • Punctures
  • Burst tyres
  • Excessive tyre wear
  • Increased battery use
  • Unsafe handling
  • Less resistance to rolling
  • Low speed

Always carry out a quick visual check on your tyres before going out for a ride on your scooter, and check the pressure with a gauge periodically. It's also a great idea to invest in electric scooter insurance. That way, if there's any serious damage to your electric scooter, you'll be covered.


Your brakes are fundamental to your safety and may need tweaking occasionally to ensure they are still responsive. Your user manual will explain how to do this, and what tool you will need (typically an Allen key).

Brakes will also eventually wear and need to be replaced so in addition to tightening the brakes, it’s also advisable to check the pads and discs from time to time.

How Often Do Electric Scooters Need Maintenance?

If you invest in a high-quality scooter, such as our P1+, you can rely on it to deliver a consistent performance. A quick check every 2-4 weeks is usually enough to ensure it remains in prime condition but it’s a good idea to wipe it down after every use.

How Do I Keep My eScooter Safe?

Most maintenance of electric scooters can easily be carried out at home, but there are more complicated checks which can’t be done by the average owner. Therefore, to keep your e-scooter safe and in optimum condition, it’s a good idea to get an annual check by a professional. Check out our EnviroRides Servicing & Repairs here.