Where Can You Ride Electric Scooters In The UK?

Where Can You Ride Electric Scooters In The UK?

Electric scooters have seen a surge in popularity in recent months with many retailers reporting a huge rise in the number of sales.

Easy to ride, convenient and eco-friendly; ,many believe that electric scooters offer a solution to the combined problems of congestion and pollution.

However, before you nab yourself one of the latest models such as the G2 Pro, you need to know a bit more about e-scooters and where you can use them.

This article answers the question “where can you ride electric scooters?” Including the latest updates to the law.

Are Electric Scooters Legal In The UK?

E-scooters are a great idea for commuters, with lightweight, foldable designs that can be easily carried on the train and tucked under a desk at work. They also offer an easy solution for popping to the shop, or socialising, with the range of modern electric scooters offering 35-45 miles between charges.

With pressure on the roads and groaning public transport systems, it’s not a surprise that many people are searching for alternatives. At first glance, electric scooters may seem to be the obvious solution but the current legal situation makes things a bit more complicated.

Where Can E-Scooters Be Used?

At the moment the law classifies electric scooters as “powered transporters” which means that they have the same requirements as all motor vehicles. In other words, you’ll need insurance, tax, MOT and confirmation that the scooter has been built to certain standards.

At present it’s virtually impossible to meet these conditions so effectively e-scooters cannot be used in any public place due to the way they are made and how they work. This includes not only roads, but paths, pavements, parks and any other public area.

However, you can use electric scooters on private land without breaking the law. There are some phenomenal off-road scooters available which may be particularly suitable for non-road use.

Electric scooters are easy to use and convenient so you may feel tempted to nip round to a friend’s house, hoping you won’t be caught. Although it may be frustrating that e-scooters can’t be used in public, it’s simply not worth the risk. Using them illegally can result in a fine, six points on your driving licence and the scooter being impounded.

Are Electric Scooters Legal In The UK 2022?

Although there has not been any permanent change to the law yet, e-scooter enthusiasts are hopeful that a new law is imminent. Since 2020 there has been a trial for the use of electric scooters on the road which has been a huge success. 

The pilot scheme involved the use of rental scooters only which had speed limiters fitted. Originally planned to be a small-scale trial, the initiative has been such a success that many areas around the country have requested permission to join.

To use an electric scooter in the trial, you’ll need to rent one from a participating provider and show a copy of your licence. You can ride an electric scooter on either a provisional or full licence but you’ll need category Q.

The trial has been so successful it has been extended but campaigners hope that a more permanent decision will be reached which will allow privately owned scooters the same permission to ride on public roads in the near future.