The Best Electric Scooter Accessories

The Best Electric Scooter Accessories

With some of  the best electric scooters in the UK to choose from, there's lots to consider when finding the model that's right for you – everything from speed and safety to how environmentally friendly it is. However, once you’ve picked your e-scooter, there’s even more decisions to make.

Owners of electric scooters are a passionate bunch, and you'll find the market is flooded with different accessories to buy. You’ll find yourself pondering questions such as “what should you wear on an electric scooter?” and “do you need scooter gloves?” - but we're here to help you sort out the fact from the fiction.

The truth is that you could spend a small fortune on buying accessories for your e-scooter because there's so much choice in the market. But there are some extras which are more useful than others - here’s our guide to the best electric scooter accessories in the UK, that you’ll need.

Safety First

Before you look at anything else, you should consider the safety of your scooter. Even scooters at the lower end of the price bracket should be fitted with front and rear lights, so you don’t need to worry about visibility of the scooter itself. Some models such as the G2 Pro have lights running along the side of the deck, one of the cool electric scooter accessories that’s also practical!

However, you should make sure that you're also visible by wearing a fluorescent high-visibility jacket or clothing, wherever possible. Car drivers often glance quickly and can miss bikes or scooters; wearing something bright and reflective gives you the best chance of being seen.

It’s also a good idea to wear a helmet and elbow/knee pads. It’s not currently mandatory, but in case of an accident - which may not be your fault - they will provide invaluable protection. You should also care for your scooter with frequent maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape.

Keeping It Secure

Electric scooters and bikes are highly desirable items and can be a target for thieves. A lock is therefore one of the best accessories for an electric scooter that you can buy, and it’s a good idea to invest in one that’s high quality.

Given enough time, thieves can bypass most locks, but most won’t want to linger. If your lock is difficult to cut off or unpick, it will be a major deterrent to would-be thieves.

Of course, the big advantage is that electric scooters tend to be foldable, so it’s easy to store it under your desk while at work rather than leaving it locked outside.

Cup Holders

For those who like to stay refreshed on the go, having a cupholder attached to your electric scooter can be a game-changer. Whether you're commuting to work or enjoying a leisurely ride, a cupholder allows you to carry your favourite beverage without the need for cumbersome bags or holders.

These cupholders are designed to securely hold various types of drink containers, such as water bottles, coffee cups, or even a refreshing smoothie. With easy-to-install mechanisms, they provide a hands-free solution to keep you hydrated during your e-scooter journeys.

When choosing an e-scooter cupholder, look for sturdy and adjustable options that can accommodate different sizes of cups or bottles. Additionally, ensure that the attachment mechanism is reliable to prevent any spills or accidents while riding.

In the bustling market of electric scooter accessories, a cupholder might seem like a small addition, but its practicality can greatly enhance your overall riding experience. Stay refreshed, stay safe, and enjoy the convenience of having your favourite drink within reach as you zip through the streets on your electric scooter.

Protecting Your Hands

If you come off your scooter on any terrain, your hands will take the biggest impact, so gloves can offer invaluable protection. But as well as helping to protect against bumps and scrapes, they can also make you more comfortable while you’re riding.

When you’re whizzing along, the air can get quite cold over your hands on the handlebars. Depending on the terrain and the type of scooter you have, you may also notice some discomfort from bumps in the road.

Investing in a pair of bike gloves will keep your hands warm in all weathers, improve your grip, and also provide a barrier between your hands and any jarring from the road surface. Simple pedal bike gloves are fine for your needs, but if you’re planning on going off-road or riding at Hugh speeds, you might find motorbike gloves will suit you better.

A Basket

When you’re riding your scooter it’s not an option to have things dangling from your hands as this could impair your handling, and present a safety hazard to other road users. A basket that clips onto the front is the easiest way to make your e-scooter more practical without compromising safety.