Are Electric Scooters Eco-Friendly?

Are Electric Scooters Eco-Friendly?

The environment and climate crisis has been in sharp focus recently, with all attention on world leaders at the COP26 conference. Even the royal family has been vocal about the need for green living with the Earthshot initiative handing out its first awards this year.

As a result of the need to protect the planet, more people than ever are switching to electric vehicles. Reducing the reliance on fossil fuels will have a significant impact and in the coming years petrol cars will become obsolete.

However it’s not just cars which are grabbing the headlines. Electric scooters have been flying off the shelves as buyers look for new, greener solutions. 

But are electric scooters eco friendly? Here’s what you need to know.

Lack of Pollution

As there are no exhaust fumes on an electric scooter, you won’t be contributing to the pollution in your town or city. Being powered by renewable energy means that your e-scooter won’t be using any fossil fuels and is far more carbon neutral than regular petrol-fuelled vehicles.

As well as not spewing fumes into the air, there’s also the issue of noise pollution. In built-up areas the noise from the roads can be a major pollutant to residents but that’s not an issue for e-scooters. Electric vehicles are virtually silent so even when the roads are busy, there’s no irritating noise. Most good e-scooters include a horn so the rider can warn someone who hasn’t spotted them.

Eco-Friendly Technology

There’s no question that without carbon dioxide fumes, the output of an e-scooter is far greener than traditional vehicles. But an eco-friendly scooter has more innovative aspects to its green credentials, aside from just avoiding fossil fuel.

Some scooters include LED/LCD lights along the deck which improve safety while using virtually any energy. Other features include regenerative brakes which use the power generated by the scooter as a means of powering the braking system.

There are few parts to replace on an e-scooter and that also contributes to the overall design which offers convenience while protecting the environment.

Green Charging

Electric vehicles have received a lot of coverage in the media as they’re being touted as the replacement for petrol cars. Using this far greener form of energy, electric scooters can be recharged easily at home without using any extra resources.

Of course, if you’re really committed to being as green as possible it’s important to consider where your electricity comes from. If you have solar panels on your property which supply your energy, you can enjoy the greatest green points from your scooter.

Awareness of Potential Issues

Although there are many ways in which e-scooters deliver as an eco-friendly option, it’s important to consider the wider picture.

At present, the rental scheme is the only one which permits the public use of electric scooters in the UK. This has been a success but campaigners hope that this will translate into a change in the law for personally owned e-scooters soon.

Although rental scooters are better than using a car, it’s worth considering that they will have to be moved around the city using vans or other forms of petrol transport. Users simply drop them off but rental firms may need to relocate the scooters back to original locations if there is greater demand there.

There’s also the matter of longevity. A proportion of the energy used comes from the manufacturing process so this should be factored in. By buying a high quality electric scooter and keeping it for as long as possible, you will help to minimise consumption and thereby reduce your personal energy usage.

Carrying out routine maintenance on your scooter is simple and it can help to keep it in excellent condition for the maximum time possible.

For these reasons, although renting an e-scooter is a great way to try them out, it’s far more environmentally friendly to own one yourself.