How to lock an electric scooter: everything you need to know

How to lock an electric scooter: everything you need to know

Having a lock is an important and popular accessory when it comes to having an electric scooter. It’s a necessary step when it comes to preventing thieves from stealing your electric scooter. What’s helpful, however, is knowing how to use a lock and where to use it.

Before we answer these questions in their simplest form, let's understand what different types of locks are available. This is useful when it comes to determining what one you want would like based on your budget and the type of electric scooter you have. Because let's face it, who doesn’t want to have the peace of mind of knowing their electric scooter is safe when going to their workplace, shop, or anywhere else they please?

Types of electric scooter locks

Let’s take a look at what options are available when it comes to choosing a lock.

1. U-Locks

A U-lock is one of the most secure locks compared to other electric scooter locks. You could say it looks like a large padlock that can go around the frame of your electric scooter and anchor point, weighing 2kgs (4 pounds). The ones to look out for are the ones with the best-hardened steel bodies and thick shackles.

On the other hand, they do come in different sizes, so be conscious when picking the right one that can easily wrap around your electric scooter and anchor point. Moreover, these locks make it very hard for eager thieves to try to steal your electric scooter, as these locks require strong bolt cutters or power tools to cut through them. However, as great as a U-lock is, they are heavy and difficult to carry, making it not as portable as cable or chain locks.

2. Chain Lock

Just like the U-Lock, a chain lock provides a high level of security. What makes it different, however, is its versatility— providing ease with its flexibility due to its length. Also, the lock makes it easy to lock at the anchor point through the electric scooter.

Another benefit is that they cannot be cut through with wire cutters and would require a hacksaw or bolt cutter, which in turn would make a thief look silly whilst attempting to use those tools in public and would draw a lot of attention to themselves. A main downside is that it's pretty heavy to carry so you will need a backpack or any form of bag to carry it.

3. Folding Lock

A folding lock provides high security with a lightweight design. It’s also compact and a convenient option. While this sounds great, it is not as secure as a chain lock or a U-lock. Due to the way it’s made means it has a lot of parts that move making it vulnerable to attacks. That said, it’s more secure than a cable lock making it great for everyday use.

4. Ring Lock

A ring lock is useful when providing an extra layer of protection. It can be used in combination with any of the locks above but only if your electric scooter has a wheel with open spokes such as our Electric Carry Commuter Scooter. These locks are made out of hardened steel with a cable in the centre. This cable wraps through the rim of the wheel which stops it from rotating when locked.

How to choose the best lock for your electric scooter

Consider your budget

Quality electric scooter locks can be high-priced, so it ultimately comes down to what you’re prepared to spend. Cheaper locks are ideal for lower-risk locations like private parking. However, please do ensure not to make the mistake of cutting corners in high-risk environments. You may regret it.

The value of your electric scooter

The more expensive an electric scooter is, the more attractive it becomes. Therefore, this means it will require more security to put off thieves. However, if it's an inexpensive model then it wouldn’t make much sense to invest in high-priced, top-tier electric scooter security. Regardless, it’s still important to secure any electric scooter and not just walk off for it to be left unattended.

The level of risk

When assessing the level of risk for leaving your electric scooter locked up, we advise you to take a minute to ask yourself, “Where do I live? How safe is my community? How safe is it to park in the neighbourhood? Am I able to keep an eye on my electric scooter at all times? How long do I usually leave my electric scooter unattended?” Depending on what answers you come up with, you can assess if you may or may not need the best top-tier lock.

Where to lock up your electric scooter

A lineup of electric scooters locked up

Picking the best places to ensure your electric scooter has the finest security is essential. Let’s run through the do’s and don’ts when it comes to doing this.

  1. Don’t thread the lock on a metal fence as they can be cut through easily.
  2. Do lock your electric scooter on a bike rack, steel post, or a tall signpost. They are fixed pieces of strong steel. Thread your lock on an appropriate anchor point.
  3. Lock it in a public place so others can see if someone is trying to steal your scooter and can alert the local authorities. Also, electric scooter thieves will choose to think twice and will be hesitant to attempt to cut wires if it's in a public place surrounded by security cameras that are recording them.
  4. When it’s nighttime, do lock it in a well-lit place.

This then brings us to our next step.

The best places to thread the lock on the locking point of your scooter

We suggest locking at the electric scooter's folding mechanism, the stem, or even the carrying handle.

When it comes to avoiding certain places when threading a lock, do not lock at the electric scooter’s wheel. This is the usual and easiest place to lock it, but it's going to make it much easier for thieves to use an electric screwdriver to take them off.

Other places to avoid include the handlebars, fenders, and any bolted-in accessories you may have added to your electric scooter. Depending on the make and model, it is best advised to make your judgment on the suggestions we’ve provided on what part of the scooter you would like to lock at.

You may find it helpful to know most electric scooters feature a locking mechanism, which is built-in slots made for locking, some of our electric scooters feature this already, however, all of our electric scooters are quick folding and can be easily locked at the stem.

Additional tips

If you want to provide another security step to your arsenal, you may opt for a cover for it.

For instance, if you wanted to leave your scooter outside at night, be it outside your house or even a friend's, then it's a good idea to cover it. We suggest a cover that has the material of polyester fabric as it can protect your electric scooter from those days when you know it's going to be raining and it's going to be very hot.

Moreover, a cover weighs a significant amount. Therefore thieves would want to avoid anything that would take them longer than usual when stealing anything. Therefore, they wouldn’t bother with your scooter as a result.

In conclusion, make sure to buy the lock that best suits your needs. Take the best precautions you can to ensure your electric scooter is safe and deter thieves from even thinking of stealing your electric scooter. Keep locks off the ground so you can prevent them from being smashed with a hammer. By investing in a lock you give yourself the necessary security you need.

Frequently asked questions

Do electric scooters have keys?

Most electric scooters will not come with a key ignition lock, unfortunately. Aftermarket electric scooters are likely to have key switches with four wires and two keys. This has two-position off and on key switches. The key can only be removed in the off position. Almost all of our electric scooters come with keys for the ignition, here are a few you may want to take a look at such as the P1 + Electric Scooter, Electric carry commuter scooter, R1 + electric scooter, and many more.

How do I secure my electric scooter?

We explain how to secure your electric scooter in one of our sections above.

Do electric scooters have trackers?

Unfortunately, most electric scooters do not have built-in trackers. You can, however, buy a GPS tracker separately.

Do electric scooters have security?

Only as much security you can provide by investing in the precautions you want to take. For example, a lock of your choice and even a GPS tracker.

Are electric scooters easy to steal?

Unfortunately, so, we all know electric scooters are stolen sometimes but that’s why it's important to invest in a strong affordable lock. It also depends on the amount of security you provide your electric scooter. The more security you provide, the harder it is to steal.

Also making sure you take the necessary precautions, explained in the section when talking about the levels of risk you may face. Overall ensuring the amount of security you provide your electric scooter makes it inconvenient for thieves.